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abe rábade

Pianist and composer born in Compostela (Galiza, Spain) on September 8, 1977. He has fourteen albums as a leader (Botánica, the most recent, released by Nuba Records in 2022), he has premiered two symphonic works (Tránsitos in 2015 and Tempos Velados in 2018), three other poetic-musical works (Rosalía 21 in 2008, Travesía dos Poetas in 2010 and Lorca Namorado in 2019).


He is the author of 200 compositions in styles such as jazz, classical, experimental and world music. He performs with numerous internationally renowned figures at concerts and festivals around the world. He also offers multiple masterclasses in specialized centers.

Graduated Cum Laude in Jazz Composition and Piano Performance from Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) in 1999, he is currently teaching at two superior music conservatories in Galiza (Spain) and Portugal.

Has lead his acoustic jazz trio since 1996, currently featuring Pablo Martín Caminero on double bass and Bruno Pedroso on drums.

Formed the band Nordestin@s in 2006 with Galician singers Guadi Galego and Ugia Pedreira. Their homonimous album was a top 100 best sellers in Christmas of 2006.

Since 2001 he has been artistic co-director (along with Paco Charlín) of the Seminario Permanente de Jazz (Permanent Jazz Seminar), in the Galician city of Pontevedra.

He has been a Faculty member at ESMAE (Porto, Portugal) since 2009, and of the Centro Superior de Música de Galicia (Galician Superior School of Music) since 2019.


​Albums as a leader:

Babel de Sons (2001) Xingra Records.

Simetrías (2002) Xingra Records.

HUH! Project vol. 1 (2004). Nuba + Karonte Records.

Playing on Light -7 sounding photos (2006) Nuba + Karonte Records.

Open Doors (2008) Nuba + Karonte Records.

Piano Solo (2009) Nuba + Karonte Records.

Zigurat (2010) Nuba + Karonte Records.

A Modo (2012) Nuba + Karonte Records.

Versons (2013) Nuba + Karonte Records.

Tránsitos (2015) Nuba + Karonte Records.

Once (2016) Nuba + Karonte Records.

Doravante (2018) Nuba + Karonte Records.

Piano Solo (2020) Nuba + Karonte Records.

Sorte (2021) Nuba + Karonte Records.

Botánica (2022) Nuba + Karonte Records.

Videobook retrospectivo


I usually look forward … having started the process of the next album while the previous one comes out, observing what issues will allow me to evolve the sound, the harmonic depth, the compositional expressiveness or the strategy in the artistic journey. But these days I wanted to look back. And I prepared this video carousel with a selection of concerts and recordings.


In the known the hidden is revealed and in the hidden the known is revealed. That is why, although I make my music by hand, I always felt it with my feet, with bare feet… covered in sand… bathing later with the salty foam and in a few days caressing the dew of a meadow… and stepping on the sticky floor of a tavern at night… and muddy at dawn in a quagmire… and washing to enter a temple… and always looking for the next beach...


I want to express my deep gratitude to all the people and groups that share the stage with me in this retrospective. They are, in order of appearance:

Pablo  Castaño

Enrikito  Rodríguez

Naíma  Acuña

Moisés  Fernández

Yago  Santos

Laura  Iturralde

Susana  Seivane

Banda  Cultural  de  Salceda  de  Caselas

Rale  Micic

Avishai  Cohen

Ben  van Gelder

Jesús  Santandreu

Carlos Barretto

Mário Barreiros

Orquestra de València

Pablo Marqués

Javier Otero Neira

Daniel Pardo

Miguel Pardo

Real Filharmonía de Galicia

Paul  Daniel

Pablo  Martín  Caminero

Bruno  Pedroso

Ganavya  Doraiswamy

Chris  Kase

Perico  Sambeat

Jesús  Santandreu

Toni  Belenguer

Deli  Sánchez

Juan  Lois  Diéguez

Banda  Municipal  de  Pontevedra

Guadi  Galego

Ugia  Pedreira 

Orfeón  Terra  A  Nosa

Coro  de  Nenos  da  EMMS

Davide  Salvado

Salvador  Sobral



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